basic information

Name: Ilima
Gender: Male
Home Region: Alola
Hometown: Hau’oli City
Trainer Class: Trial Captain
Type Specialization: Normal
Reward: Normalium Z, Everstone
Hair Colour: Pink
Eye Colour: Gray

name origin

Every character introduced in Pokémon Sun and Moon are named after flowers and Ilima is no exception. His name is inspired by the Hawaiian word for Sida fallax, which is also known as yellow ‘ilima. The ‘ilima is a species of herbaceous flowering plant in the Hibiscus family with small yellow flowers.

In fact, ‘ilima flowers are commonly used by native Hawaiians to make lei, hence naming a Trial Captain after this flower species is very fitting, especially when the Alola region was designed based on the state of Hawai‘i. On a side note, Sida fallax is indigenous to Hawai‘i, just like Trial Captain Ilima who originates from the Alola region and has a rather luxurious home situated in Hau‘oli City on Melemele Island.