greetings, captain ilima here

Hello there young trial-goer, welcome to Elegance, an online tribute dedicated to Trial Captain Ilima from Pokémon Sun and Moon! Ilima is the first Trial Captain you meet during your journey in the Alola region. He specializes in Normal-type Pokémon and has graduated with quite the reputation from the regional Trainers’ School.

At present, this site only covers information about Ilima from the Pokémon Sun and Moon games as he has yet to appear in the anime or manga series. There are unmarked spoilers all around the site so if you haven’t gotten yourself a copy of the games and do not wish to be spoiled, it is best to not venture deeper into the cavern.

Navigation can be found on the left. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Thank you for dropping by and I hope that you enjoy your stay here on Melemele Island. uwu